Spot-on Intelligent automotive Software  

Smarter planning through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  

IQ Planning

The latest in workshop planning technology. 

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IQ Mobile

Allows the technicians to use fit for purpose tablet PC’s for optimal mobility

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Online booking based on the actual schedule 

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Digitalising the vehicle health check process

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About Us

The brainchild of professionals from the Automotive, Information Services and world of Artificial Intelligence, we realised time and money was being wasted in Automotive service operations due to inefficient and ineffective manual planning and paper-based processes. 

We figured, by using smart algorithms as an enabler we could make the difference and disrupt a decades old approach.

IQMotive built an intelligent planning system incorporating Artificial Intelligence, that boasts to be the only fully automated, self-learning workshop system in the Industry. 

The mission is to digitalise all paper-based processes in the workshop and deliver significant efficiency outcomes.

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The European Union has made a subsidy available for the development of IQPlanning due to its innovative nature.

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What we do

The tools for your operation

IQ Intelligent planning suite removes the operational inefficiencies that aftersales departments for decades have endured.

First to the market, IQMotive has advanced AI based on years of research. This allows for super-fast and accurate planning, ensuring the right technician or team is assigned to the right job every time. It also cuts through that wasted idle time and keeps your Techs as efficient as possible. IQ Planning knows the capabilities of your team and through its self-learning ability will be able to apply just the right amount of time for each task, factoring in that some staff are quicker at tasks than others.

IQ technology has proven to have a direct and positive impact on profitability and an enhanced customer experience.